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The IT-CO group provides support in the domain of control systems to the CERN experiments, as well as CERN-wide support for National Instruments products (LabVIEW and FieldPoint), the PVSS Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, CAN bus and OPC. In particular, support is provided to the LHC experiments via collaboration with the Joint Controls Project, JCOP.

The group is organized into two sections:

  • IT-CO-BE covers the supervisory layer via PVSS, as well as leading the Framework project which aims to customize control system components for use in HEP experiments. It also provides development and support for the supervisory layer of the Detector Safety System (DSS).
  • IT-CO-FE covers front-end systems, such as PLCs, Fieldbuses (CAN, Profibus, WorldFiP) and OPC. It supports also National Instruments products. The section handles LHC GCS, a project to provide controls for the LHC experiments' gas systems, and leads and participates with IT-CO-BE to the Detector Safety System (DSS) project.
  • IT-CO-SI (this section no longer exists. Its activities are now covered by the BE & FE sections as given above - the URL is still available and will be removed once its contents has been added to the appropriate destinations).

In addition to support for specific products and systems, IT-CO collaborates with members of other groups and experiments in order to help design solutions for controls projects and/or introduce supported technologies. Equipment, computers and software are available in our laboratories for hands-on training, testing, and prototyping.

A complete overview of the group is available here:
IT-CO Presentation.


The information contained or referred to in these pages is destined exclusively for use in the CERN controls projects and experiments and may not be used for any other purpose. Opinions are those of the author(s) only and neither CERN nor the author(s) accept any liability for errors or omissions.

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